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We take care of the labor, tax, commercial and accountancy management of your business

The management of a company requires a taxation plan adapted to its activity, which means, fill out the correct taxes. The information to complete the taxes of the company is obtained from the accounting books, where its commercial, labor and trade activity is recorded. In the case of freelancers (independent professionals), the management is formally simplified but equally strict.

At GD Consult we cover all these areas and offer a complete service to fulfill current requirements and business obligations.


Book-keeping of companies and freelancers specialized in the creation of IP (apps, video games, technology...) in accordance with the General Accounting Plan from Spain.

  • Digital management of documents.
  • Record of invoices and other commercial documents of the business activity.
  • Correct management for grant compliance.
  • Recording of the business intangible assets in accordance with its taxing needs (video games, apps… other IPs).
  • Recording of the double imposition taxes, correct management and filling out.
  • Dailly full back up.
  • Bank reconciliation statement

  • Labor

    Management and fulfillment of the obligations born from hiring, keeping and firing human resources (workforce) in accordance with the Spanish law: labor and Social Security.

  • Monthly payroll document for the administrator and employees of the company.
  • Fulfillment and submission of the monthly Social Security documents (TC1 and TC2).
  • Drafting of employee contracts.
  • Enrollment and dischargement from the Social Security Spanish labor obligations.
  • Labor contract renewals.
  • Monthly and annual summary of payroll costs. Cost analysis.
  • Documents of settlement and severance payment.

  • Fiscal

    Fulfillment and submission of quarterly taxes as well as the annual summaries, either obtained from the accounting done at GD Consult or obtained from the information provided by the company.

  • VAT: models 303, 340, 390.
  • IRPF: 100, 111, 190.
  • Rent: 115, 180.
  • Intracommunity (EU): 349.
  • 3rd operators: 347.
  • Companies: 202, 200.

  • Commercial

    Drafting of quarterly and annual financial statements and commercial result, based on the balance sheet and the profit and loss sheet (P&L).

  • Drafting of the annual accounts and the Summary Review Memorandum (SRM).
  • Submission of the mandatory books to the Spanish Commercial Registry.
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